our story

Who we are

It is said that there are no coincidences. But thanks to one, we got together.

If we don’t call it a coincidence, then we can call it the coffee enthusiasm behind the Chicas Industry project.

In the beginning, there was a desire to connect the two seemingly distant worlds of farmers with you, the coffee roasters. To create long-term and sustainable relationships between both sides, to develop and, above all, to maintain a coffee culture in Colombia, which is disappearing due to low prices.

We have been working  with specialty coffee for more than 6 years. We went through different segments of coffee culture and through different positions related to coffee. We were ordinary consumers, baristas, working in cafes – but we were also pickers of coffee cherries. And we tried all the work that is closely related to the whole coffee processing.

We now apply the experience we have gained to the import of green beans and also to our developing projects, in which we want to return funds to the landscape we fell in love with.


registered office: Lidická 700/19, Veveří 602 00 Brno

ID: 08679142